Indianama – Smith’s Folly at Qutub

Among the inseparable identity of Delhi, Qutub Minar has stood by the test of times and elements. Struck by lightning a few times, the 240 meters tower suffered damages on its top storey.

Firoz shah Tuglaq and Sikandar Lodhi had commissioned the repair under their rule. But the damage most remembered was the one in the 19th century.

When an earthquake had damaged the top most storey in 1803, the responsibility of the repair was given to a British officer Major Robert Smith. But the pillared cupola on the top of the minaret attracted massive criticism leading to the then Governor General Hardinge ordering to remove the cupola.

It was, however, reinstalled at ground level to the east of Qutab Minar. It still remains there known as “Smith’s Folly”

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