Naattu Maruthuvam | Nathai Soori | Dt 12-08-15 | Sun TV

Today in Naattu Maruthuvam, Siddha doctor Sakthi Subramani speaks about a cure for all disease herb Nathai Soori and shows simple procedures to use it as a medicine. Nathai Soori root powder with brown sugar, boiled in water and strained gives us a liquid which helps in rejuvenation of the body after any kind of illness. Nathai Soori’s whole plant’s paste or leaf’s paste is an excellent healing oinment for boils and swellings. The seeds of Nathai Soori when powdered and prepared with brown sugar and water brings relief for hemorrhoids and dysentery. It cures urinary stones and liver related diseases. It strengthens the bone, heart and liver. Nathai Soori root powder and gingelly oil prepared as a paste is an internal and external medicine. It is an anti oxidant, which lowers the cholesterol in blood and thus reduces obesity. Nathai Soori has anti fungal, anti microbial, anti inflammatory and analgesic qualities too.
Naattu Maruthuvam, a special show from Sun TV showcases the importance of natural herbs which are available in abundance. These herbs can be used as a part of our regular foods. In this show Siddha Doctor Sakthi Subramani shows us simple ways to prepare and use these common herbs in every episode, with the herbal remedies these herbs offer

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