National Elections Quiz 2018 | Episode 03

The National Elections Quiz 2018 is a pan-India, inter school quiz competition on elections and electoral processes presented by the Election Commission of India. Aimed as an outreach initiative for empowering the young and future electors of the country, the NEQ journey began with the Intra-School Round before moving on to the District and State Levels covering an excess of 13.5 lakh students across the country from more than 38,000 schools. Left now, with 36 Champion teams- the best, from each State and Union Territory, NEQ brings to you this series of 7 episodes of Zonal Finals and the Grand Finale. The contest has a trophy of Rs. 1 Lakh for the National Champions, Rs 80,000 for the 1st Runners-up and Rs 60,000 for the 2nd Runners-up. Witness the tension, drama and the rollercoaster ride that is NEQ.

Creative Director:- Nidhi Chaturvedi
Editor:- Jeebach Thakur
Camera:- Shivi Sudarshan, Dilip Maity, Shyam Lal, Jitender Kumar, Arvind Shakya, Navin Jha
Graphics:- Kishan Singh Bisht, Jeet Gandhi, Bikash Routh
Social Media: Aparna, Rama Shanker, Purna Chandra Mohapatra

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