Prithvi Vallabh – Full Episode – Ep 23 – 14th April, 2018

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Episode 23:
Van Amma shows Prithvi the power of Gaj Kesari and tells him that he needs to go see Mrinal as only she can tell him about Gaj Kesari. Prithvi asks Rajmata to let him go to Manyakhet but Kalari wants Prithvi to beat him in a fight if he wishes to go to Manyakhet. Watch the episode to know more.

About Prithvi Vallabh:
It is a tale of two powerful states constantly at war. Mrinal of Manyakheta dynasty nursed an enmity against Malwa since childhood as they were responsible for her parent’s death. The battle brings two warring souls; Mrinal and Prithvi face to face. The animosity leads to deception, and rejection that gradually transcends into a heart rending passionate love story. A Love Story perhaps never meant to be. A Unique story that starts with hatred in a battlefield and ends up becoming the biggest love story, never told before.

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